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    Company Rules and Regulations

    Company rules and regulations mean a set of written policies made by the Company’s higher level of authority and bound to follow all employees and stakeholders. Rules and regulations help the organization protect from legal claims and establish a positive work environment in the workplace. Apart from that, company rules and regulations protect employees from legal claims and secure the job.

    Company Code of Conduct

    Company Code of Conduct refers to a collection of rules and regulations outlining the employees’ norms and responsibilities in the workplace. The code of conduct governs the employee’s activity and behavior daily. It can bring negative consequences if employees fail to obey the code of conduct in the organization.

    Some rules and regulations include:

    • Firstly, the company expects formal and acceptable behaviors from employees. The prime motive of the company is to attract customers through the exemplary conduct of the employees.
    • In addition, employees are liable to protect the company’s belongings for office purposes. They will be responsible for breaking any official equipment such as a computer, printer, scanner, camera, etc. Employees can use the official equipment only for official purposes.
    • Our company is very aware of maintaining the record; therefore, every employee must protect documents. The office will not accept any argument without proper evidence. Hence, employees should preserve official documents for future demand.
    • The company will not allow employees to work under the influence of alcoholic beverages during work time. Also, no employee shall drive the company’s vehicles or operate any official equipment under the influence of an alcoholic. Our Company does not inspire you to drink alcohol or prevent you from drinking alcohol; however, our Company suggests you not drink alcohol when you are on duty.
    • Employees should have meals during break times. The Company will not allow extra time for meals, so employees are requested to utilize the break time wisely. Our company is vigilant to follow the employee’s ethical principles. The company will fire those employees who are indulged in corruption and bribery without notifying them.
    • Our Company prefers to create a friendly working environment. The Company will fire those employees who are indulged in sexual harassment. Therefore, every employee has to stay away from any oral and physical harassment.

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